• BSc. Hons Degree in Psychology and Health Science.
  • PGCE Primary Years.
  • I have worked within schools and FE for the last 15 years. 
  • I have set up and ran my own business as a home tutor for the past years.

My interest in the current project began through discussion with Margaret Dexter. Her ideas about the language difficulties faced by non- native Doctors echoed what I had also noticed during my work as a home tutor. Specifically, I had been working closely with the children of a number of Indian Nurses that had resettled in my local area. 

I noted that such students found difficulties with the turn of phrase utilized in English, and so they found comprehension and written work challenging as a result. 

Interestingly, although all these children were born in the UK, and had gone through the primary school system, they all showed a similar pattern whereby their written work contained unusual idioms and phrases. For example, a student of mine had been told by a teacher to vary her use of verbs.

e.g. This shows could be replaced with words such as conveys/demonstrates etc.

So here is what my student wrote……

“When the author uses humour, this concludes to us that people find different ways to cope with problems. “

Such phrases would not be used by someone fully immersed in British culture because they just sound “funny”. To me this points to the important role of language used in the home. Perhaps such errors are not being picked up because the parents don’t know the subtleties of our language?

I think language is vital to an integrated society, and a better grasp of English can enable people to seize the opportunities this country has to offer. I am hopeful that our products can go some way towards bridging the gaps for such learners.

 In the future, I would also be keen to develop our company through a network of tutors working one to one and through a range of seminars, lectures and drama workshops. 



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