The ‘D’Ya Get Me’ collection is a series of reference books written to celebrate both the quirkiness and often mystifying colloquial English language. At present we have three Handbooks/ Dictionaries in the pipeline:

  • D’Ya Get Me, Doc?  Tailored towards Doctors which will contain approx.9, 000 words/phrases
  • D’Ya Get Me, Flo?    Tailored towards Nurses which will contain approx. 9,000 words/phrases
  • D’Ya Get Me, Bro?   Tailored towards general usage – containing approx.6, 000 words/phrases


At the same time we have in production a Smartphone Application “D’ya get me, Doc” aimed at Doctors – containing 18,700 words/phrases and a 1,000 multiple word quiz.  This has been translated into four languages. We also have a Subscription Service to the App on our Web Page.

The books and Apps. contain such categories as:

  • Body Idioms
  • Medical Jargon
  • Illnesses/ Health and Well being
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Sexual References
  • Crime
  • Mental Health

We believe these to be new, exciting and innovative products; being simple to use and accessible to all.

Why colloquial language?

Standard English is tricky enough to learn but can be ‘taught’ in schools, colleges and universities as part of the curriculum, whereas the non standard colloquial language is often ignored, despite the fact that it is used and spoken widely by ordinary people in everyday situations.  The primary aim of the ‘D’Ya Get Me’ collection is to provide a tool for professionals, from overseas, who do not have English as their first language in order to help them come to grips with the non standard forms they might hear. But we also believe it could be of use to anyone who has an interest in the English language, generally, hence D’Ya Get Me, Bro?

Our aim is to demystify the language, providing a comprehensive reference tool with definitions of words and phrases that might be encountered in different contexts. By using this tool we believe that the user will feel more confident in their role, empowered and secure in the knowledge that they should understand the patients in their care more fully. This in turn should lead to better job satisfaction, less stress and therefore less sickness for the organisation as a whole. 

We also believe that by using our products patient safety and the patient experience will be improved, as miscommunication should be lessened greatly.   We also believe that our products could save time and money in respect of a reduction in complaints made against doctors and nurses by patients which might lead to fewer instances of litigation cases for Trusts. We understand that the issue of miscommunication is something that the Government and the GMC are greatly concerned about. 

As a company, we believe strongly in the values of Fairness, Diversity and Equal Opportunity and that our products could potentially assist those in medical professions to have better access to Specialist roles or Academic posts, more success in Reviews of Competence and that they might even help to lower the numbers of those involved in the Disciplinary Process. 

We are aiming to have our resources available by the end of November for a December launch.

We hope that you are as excited about our products as we are can see the potential benefits and welcome your feedback.


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