The ‘D’Ya Get Me’ collection is a series of reference books written to celebrate both the quirkiness and often mystifying colloquial English language. At present we have three Handbooks/ Dictionaries in the pipeline:

  • D’Ya Get Me, Doc?  Tailored towards Doctors which will contain approx.9, 000 words/phrases
  • D’Ya Get Me, Flo?    Tailored towards Nurses which will contain approx. 9,000 words/phrases
  • D’Ya Get Me, Bro?   Tailored towards general usage – containing approx.6, 000 words/phrases


D’ya Get Me Online?

A web app containing 18000 unusual phrases commonly used in the UK. 

Our fully searchable database will be updated twice per year with the most current language trends.

If you need quick access to a huge array of slang phrases then this is the product for you.


  • Regional phrases from the UK and around the world.
  • Technical jargon.
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations.
  • Full definitions and translations into a number of foreign languages.
  • An interactive quiz with 1000 questions to test your skills.
  • A smartphone version is also coming soon….

This product is available for a yearly subscription of £7

For Institutions, we can offer bulk buying options of 10 user logins for £50

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