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Crystal Clear Language Co. Limited is a small family Company which was set up primarily to address a number of issues pertaining to the use of colloquial, contextual and cultural English being experienced by medical graduates from overseas. The Company has three Directors, Margaret Dexter, Managing Director, who lives in Weston-S-Mare, and who has a long history of work within the Health and Social Care Sectors both at field and senior management levels and is now a Lay Representative for the Severn Deanery, Jane Archer who is the Corporate Affairs and Language Director,  who lives in Oxfordshire and has substantial service in Education as a Manager and English teacher and James Norton who is our Finance and Technical Director, who also lives in Weston-S-Mare, and who is a College Lecturer and English and Maths Tutor. We are currently self funding.



Our ideas for both setting up the Company and our Product development are supported by research we have carried out into the following four factors:

1. Doctors from overseas have a lower success rate in obtaining Specialist posts primarily due to their poor communication skills, particularly contextual, colloquial and cultural English. There is evidence from some National Recruitment Panels for Specialist Doctors that approximately fifty percent of the applicants can be deemed not appointable due mainly to their poor communication skills. Many of these Doctors are not in training programmes and, therefore, do not have educational supervisors and are unable to further develop their Specialist skills and progress in their careers. 

2.  Research by Durham University, as reported to the GMC in December 2013, came to the conclusion that even after controlling for the effects of the available confounding factors, PLAB IMG’s who passed the PLAB system demonstrate on average poorer performance  on Annual Review of Competence Progression compared to UK graduates.

3. There is evidence that patients and carers have significant misgivings about communication with doctors from overseas. The Medical Act 2014 highlights the issues with the standard of colloquial and contextual English for some professionals from overseas. It is known that the GMC and some of the Royal Colleges agree that the concerns exist and that Doctors gaining more control would improve patient care and safety and possibly reduce mistakes caused by poor communication.

4. There is evidence to suggest that overseas doctors are over represented in later stages of the GMC Fitness to Practice processes and one possible reason for this over representation is cultural differences (Durham University, 2013)


In the first instance we have developed a database of specific colloquial terms that will be of use to Doctors. This will be of unique benefit to them but could be used by anyone.  By December 2016 we hope to have developed a Smartphone Application (D’YA GET ME DOC?) (TM).  This Application will enable Doctors to access the language information easily and readily when consulting patients.  It is intended that as well as containing over 18,500 unique phrases and definitions the App will have a Voice Recognition Search, Reverse Translation into Native Language (initially Hindi/Urdu/Chinese and Filipino), some Specialist Dialects,  and a Category Filter, in the first instance for Alcohol/Drugs/Body Parts/ Anatomy and Mental Health. It will also contain a multiple choice quiz which will be used to quickly test knowledge and improve vocabulary.

We are currently working on the basis that our App will be sold individually. Our other alternative would be to seek NHS sponsorship in exchange for a bulk purchase and distribution of our product. 

At the same time we have developed three Handbooks which contain portions of the database of colloquial terms. We have now contracted a Publisher for this purpose.

We  will also have a Subscription Service to the Database on our Website.


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jane.archer (Corporate Affairs & Language Director)

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