A new and innovative company addressing the English Language needs of IMG doctors and nurses.

We now have three exciting products in our portfolio.

1. ‘Beyond the English Test’ E-learning Programme

We are pleased to introduce our newest product to our range.
This programme is designed to assist IMGs with their English Language acquisition with, and beyond, studying for their English exams.
This 6 week interactive programme costs £250 per student. This gives access to the programme for up to 6 month, allowing students time and flexibility to complete the course alongside of their busy schedules.

The programme is built in a modular way, with the student having to cover each module in turn to gain access to the next. All modules MUST be completed for the student to complete the programme successfully and gain pass certification.
Each week covers a new but interwoven topic.

Examples of topics covered include:

    An introduction to the NHS: policies, guidelines, structures and cultures
    Medical Professionalism
    Culture differences and expectations
    Communication, interactions and consultations- Good practice; written and verbal covered
    Health & Safety; including patient safety

We aim to approach each topic using the four basic literacy skills of: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening; all tasks set for students practice these skills so as to provide opportunities to improve literacy and English Language acquisition. A glossary of ‘new’ or ‘unusual’ words is also provided for this purpose, and students are encouraged to add their own newly learnt words to this list as they study.

As research shows that language acquisition works best when a student is immersed in the new language, we also provide extra-curricular opportunities for the students to study language, art, music of the UK for enjoyment and to provide depth and breadth to their studies on a more cultural level.

2. D’Ya Get Me, Doc? Smartphone Application
This product is to be launched any day soon. It has been developed for Android users and will be available to purchase from Google App Store. It is a mobile version of our handbooks. See below.

3. D’Ya Get Me, Doc? D’Ya get Me, Flo?
These two tiles are our reference handbooks/ dictionaries of non-standard English; colloquial and idiomatic language used in everyday speech in English speaking countries. These books contain 9, 000 entries of words and phrases used when English speaking people speak to each other. Each word or phrase is defined, and is put into a sentence of context so that the user can understand its usage. These reference books are £20 each and have helped medical students/ IMGs with their non-standard language acquisition and subsequently their interactions with their patients as it has improved their understanding. This is in turn improves patient safety and avoids potential litigation.