Jane Archer is a qualified Teacher of English and has had a successful career working in education for the last twenty years. Jane has held various roles throughout her career as a teacher, including those in senior positions. Her specific subject expertise is in English Language and Literature, and she also holds professional qualifications in Literacy and Language, and teaching dyslexic students. Jane has much experience and has worked in a variety of settings over the past twenty years: inner city and market town; pastoral care and special needs; extended senior leadership and Forest School volunteer.

In her management roles, she has been successful in leading teams of teachers and teaching assistants, and the welfare of 250 children at a time. Jane’s interest in English was sparked as a student, herself, when studying classics such as Jane Eyre, Little Women and Pride and Prejudice. But her interest piqued on studying the theories behind the power of language and its place in the modern world. She was particularly interested in how language can exclude sections of society, who are ignorant to its meaning. For example, subject specific language such as in medicine, text speak or deviations from the standard form and colloquialisms. With this interest and those of similar mindsets, The Crystal Clear Language Company was born, with the ideals and values of inclusivity and celebrating diversity close to its heart.